Have you guys heard about Kano?


Has anyone here heard about Kano, its extremely similar to Hopscotch, and you can buy a kit to build your own computer (and keyboard) and then create games with it, using things like Minecraft "Coding Blocks" or Kano Draw and receive likes and comments on them. You can also re-create games like Pong or Snake and make them your own. Code music and games, and play other people's work as well! Level up and unlock new prizes, games, and get staff picked! Upgrade your avatar and become the ultimate coder, while having fun and learning from the built-in tutorials. Play games like Terminal Adventure, using the language Terminal and saving a town from destruction. You can get started on their website, us.kano.me. Its a lot of fun! Also, this is a great Christmas present!


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LOL yes.


I've got one!
They're really cool! You can now do nearly everything on the web edition.