Have you ever been featured?



So am I! Here is the link to our most useful game. It is an X and Y Calculator. It is free to save in your drafts!



LOL (laughing out loud)! It's okay to do acronyms if you put what they mean. For me. Anyway, I wonder how much @SmileyAlyssa's activity goes crazy. She is very popular.


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Yep we need people on hopscotch that looks through and adds projects like @BuildASnowman and @Kiwicute2016 and @PopTart0219!


Yeah, your right. There are so many hopscotchers around, you just can't see them all. :confused:


Can I just clarify something?
Not everyone is on trending.
I know, I have been to the bottom. And while a lot of projects are in trending, not every project in Hopscotch is.

For the topic, I have been featured twice (once recently, so my activity feed is blowing up XD). My advice for you guys would be to work really hard on your projects; you don't have to post something once a day. Try to make your projects the best they can be. And if you really feel like something is worthy of featured, go to this topic to nominate it!


@Giraffedolphin26, well said! Can't like. :heart::hearts::heart:


I've been on Featured


Ya, I wonder...
@SmileyAlyssa, how crazy is your activity bar??


Crazy. Very crazy. I get a notification probably twice every minute!


I think I'm rising because I have 45 likes on one of my projects


Me on rising and trending before! I made the freak and ooh amazing! Sasly I have never been on featured, but im working on it!


Ill look for u on rising!


Guys I have been featured!!!


I haven't been on featured, trending or rising


You will get there that's how I was but now I have! Take that and sleep on it!


I'm hoping my iPod will go on featured it will be coming out soon. I'll try my best. Congratulations with your feature!!!!!


Thanks! I bet your iPhone will be game changers!


It will just have music on it but I could make a phone with apps and stuff........


Music would be cool and yes games like flappy bird!