Have you ever been featured?



Write your name bellow if you have not been featured and maybe @liza can keep a eye on these Hopscotchers to see if there are any feature-worthy projects that you made write your name bellow!

People on trending or rising!



Great, but maybe post this in the Recommendations for Featured topic?


Yes but this is have you ever been featured! 2 different things!


Wow am I the only one who never been featured!:cold_sweat:


You're not alone... I haven't either!


No, I haven't either! I have been on rising and trending- no featured!


Yay I was wondering if "is anyone was on" but @BasketballNerd is on!


I have not been on featured rising or trending!


Same here... :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Wow we are alike! That's funny!


Yeah! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Everyone is technically on trending...


Really? In what way?


It shows projects from the most views, likes, and rehops to the projects with the least.


Been on nothing except for newest and the tags.


I've been featured on a different acc a long time ago


I have not been on any channel except for newest and #games so I guess I'm putting my name down.


the most likes I've ever gotten is 23 :disappointed:


I have got 7! Anyone can beat that! thats sad!


It's okay! You will bet better, just like me! You will be a great coder. Don't let likes interfere with your coding life. :wink: