Have you ever been featured? If so, what is your first feature?



Just did!!! Check out exoplanet generator and drop a like if you like it!


I haven’t been featured. I did see yours though. Congratulations! Also, welcome to the forum.


I’ve never gotten featured

Also, welcome to the forum!
And congrats on the feature!


I have been featured.

That was my first. I’ve had 8. Technically 9, but I
A) unpublished that and
B) didn’t count it in the first place.
I think there is a topic on this, but I’m not sure.

Search before making a new topic if you don’t already.


I have been feautured a couple of times.


I’ve had about five features. I don’t really remember what my first featured project was, but my last featured was some time this year with this project:

It is also on the “Starter Projects” tab.


I have been several times. First one is called Angry Cat - Multiple Tries Are Possible


My first feature was my Campfire project. I’ll find the link to it later!

Welcome to the forum!


Mine was a lame drawing effect. I was the first to come up with the “smooth” increasing and decreasing width drawing…and you thought the feature quality now is bad…
In all honesty, I’m thankful for every feature I’ve received and treat them all as accomplishments. Don’t take it the wrong way, I was proud of the concept of the project then, but if I find it unworthy now, wouldn’t that mean I’ve improved and have higher standards for myself now? (My language teacher’d kill me for that run on sentence XD)

I’d link it, but I don’t want to go look for it now.


This was my 1st and ao far only feature
My balloon draw


@Paige1212 I remember when yours was featured! That was the first thing I’ve seen were you actually draw balloons!


I have Been Featured…


Congratulations on the feature!!! Also, welcome to the Hopscotch forum!!! If you ever need help with anything, type: @lollypopcorn
If it works, it will look like this when you post it: @lollypopcorn
And I will get a notification! Then I will do my best to help you! :D

I’ve been featured three times before, my first one was "Thanksgiving Game"
It’s a game where you get to cook a thanksgiving dinner! ;D


I don’t actually know what my first feature is. It’s either Geometry Dash summer edition or Drawing Pad v.6. They were both featured I think at the same time.



We go got our first featured projects in like the same week, right?

I got mine on November Second as it was when the Cubs won the World Series.


Here you go. My first and only feature. XD


If you want to see a featured project from me, Go to my bio


I think we did, and cool!! :D


I Have 12 features!


I have 0 features in 3 years
I broke a record of least features