Have you been on rising, game changers, featured, or trending?


I was wondering how many people on the forums have projects that are famous or well known? One of mine is a jape see anime car that was made with the help of pixel. So if you don't follow him already then u should because he's good at coding.

Post down bellow your famous project(s) or project.

This is mine: https://c.gethopscotch.com/p/xlu0n9mlw


I've had a feature once....


I've never been on either one of those. ;-;


Could you post the project on forums?


I have been on Rising! I was alcomplished of myself.


It's okay I have on,y had one famous project (^ω^) it wasn't that great though


I've been on all of these! :DD

Ok. I'll leave now. :joy:


LOL. Sure thing. Cool


I've been all o' dem except for le elusive Game Changers :P


I have been on featured once!


Same @CreativeCoder lol
- 3 features
- 2 risings
- I stopped counting my trending :P
sry if I sound like I'm bragging!
But here's my most famous project!
It hit 7000 likes today! I'm so proud!


At first I thought it was just a white background!

But good job!


I remember liking that project. (^ω^)


Lol thank you! You should be proud of your project also! It's awesome!


I loooooove that project of yours!




Thank you! :D


I've been on trending so many times, I don't remember the projects......
I'll try.


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Has anyone every played a project that was called DreamLand?
If you have....
I made that project.
It was put on rising.