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I tried to sent THT a super long email, accidently deleted it all and sent it to support@gethopscotch.com.
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there was an automatic response, and they shared a really helpful doc with me, so I thought I'd show you guys :wink:
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Thanks for being curious. If you have a question about Hopscotch, chances are that you’re not the first person to ask it. We’ve answered commonly asked questions (like “How do I reset my password?”) in this handy doc.

You’re welcome!

-- The Hopscotch Team

Last updated: January 2016








I forgot my password/username! How do I log in?!?!

Don’t worry; we’ve all forgotten our passwords before. If there is an email attached to your account: tap “I forgot my password” (see below) in the log-in screen and enter your email. You’ll receive an automated reset password link (check your spam folder if you don’t see it).

If you didn’t attach an email to your account, or if you forgot the email you used, send an email to help@gethopscotch.com with your username and let us know that you need your password reset. We’ll be able to get you logged back in, but it will take a little bit longer than the automated reset.

Something seems wrong with Hopscotch; is it a bug?

Hopscotch is a gigantic project, and sometimes, bugs find their way into our code. When the app doesn’t work as you expect, and you think you’ve found a bug, follow these steps to submit an all-star bug report:

  • Computers will almost always do exactly what you tell them. We often find that bugs are actually not bugs at all, but rather errors in our code. Try double and triple checking your code to make sure there aren’t any errors.
  • Test the bug multiple times in different ways. For example, if you think you’ve found a bug while editing a draft, create a new draft and try to make the bug happen again on purpose.
  • If you’re able to identify and recreate the bug on your iPad, it’s time to submit a bug report. An all-star bug report includes screenshots of your code and the bug, as well as the exact steps on how we can recreate it. Remember that we will use your report to recreate the bug on our iPads. The more details the better!

If you enjoy bug hunting, join our beta team!
I want to be a Beta tester!

Thanks for wanting to help us improve Hopscotch!

As you know, when you're programming, you sometimes accidentally create bugs. Beta Testers are our bug hunters and they help us make sure that Hopscotch works.

As a Beta Tester you will create projects and play in the community, paying special attention to new features we’ve added. If something doesn't work, testers send us an email describing the problem so we can fix it.

You can apply to be a beta tester here, and you'll get an email with the download at the start of the next beta testing period. We do beta testing rounds every few weeks.

I can’t find a draft, or something is wrong with my drafts :frowning:

Oh no! Hopscotch saves all your drafts to our server so that you can find them from any iPad.

If your draft is missing, try restarting Hopscotch (we know—this is the lamest fix but we promise it usually works!).

If restarting does not fix your problem, send us an email with your username and project name and we’ll look for it.

Make sure that you always upload your drafts if you’ve been working offline (we’ll ask you to do this before you log off).

I just published a project but my friends can’t see it. Where did it go?

All published projects are sent through a filter to make sure they are appropriate for the community. Sometimes, when lots of people are publishing at the same time, or when you publish a very complicated project with lots of text, the filter runs a little more slowly.

If your project doesn’t appear after 12 hours, please email us with your username and project title and we will look into what happened.


Help! I’m confused. How do I make something?

We understand that Hopscotch can be a little confusing at first. Don’t worry; you’ll get the hang of it in no time.

Here are some things to help you get started:

  1. The best place to start is in one of our video tutorials. Tap the big blue "+" (see below) at the bottom of the screen and choose a project that you think looks cool. I would recommend starting with Geometry Dash, because we made it specifically for new coders. All of these videos and more can be found on our YouTube page, here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-6Hx9uqY8pOiZR1M5OK09A

  2. We have a community that’s a great resource to get help with your code, learn cool tricks, and get inspired. The Forum is separate from the app, so you'll need to create a second account. After you do that, you can search for or post your question, learn from other Hopscotchers, and get help with something you’re stuck on! Here's the link: https://forum.gethopscotch.com

I want to make [something]. How do I make [it]?

The best place to get this help is the Hopscotch Forum: forum.gethopscotch.com!

If you have a question (like “How do I keep score in my game?” or “How do I make Five Nights at Freddy’s?”) there is probably an answer in the forum. You’ll need to new forum create an account to do this.

Search for your question to see if it’s been answered:

If you don’t see a thread that’s helpful, you can ask a new question:

Do you have curricula or resources for teachers and parents?

Yes! We have a free, peer-reviewed curriculum that teaches programming fundamentals through building popular games like Flappy Bird. It requires zero prior experience with programming and offers line-by-line instructions and explanations. Find it here: hop.sc/curriculum15

We also have a ton of video tutorials embedded directly in Hopscotch. They help kids build fun games and art, while familiarizing them with our programming language. They’re also all available on YouTube: www.youtube.com/gethopscotch.

Let us know if this is helpful and happy to walk through any of the above with you if you have questions. Lastly, we love getting feedback from teachers. If you have suggestions of how our materials could be improved or other ways we can help, please share!

How do I delete or unpublish a project?

To delete a draft:

  • Open your drafts tab
  • Press down on the project until it starts to wiggle and a little "x" appears in the upper left corner. (Here's a screenshot!)
  • Press "x"
  • Poof it's gone!

To unpublish a project:

Tap the "..." in the top left corner while playing a project, and then tap "unpublish". The project will then be sent back to your drafts!

Why can’t I view my followers?

We’re often curious about how many followers we have, too! We probably will display this information at some point, but haven't yet because it's still kinda hard to find new people to follow and get people follow you, so we wouldn't want anyone to feel sad for having only a few followers.

How do I get extra colors?

You might see colors used in projects that don’t show up in the default color palette. People get these extra colors by inserting a color’s HSB number into Hopscotch code. It’s pretty sweet.

HSB stands for Hue, Saturation, and Brightness. If you know a color's HSB numbers, you can now input it into Hopscotch!! Here's a website that tells you the HSB numbers of a million different colors.

To insert an HSB number into your project:
* Tap and hold on the color field you want to customize. You should see a “select all” appear--tap on that and then tap “copy”.
* Next, drag out a “Set Text” block and paste the copied colors and you’ll see a row of HSB numbers!
* Edit the numbers to be the new HSB color that you want, then copy that and paste it into the color field.
If you only see grey, it means you put in a wrong HSB code or you altered the format of the numbers. Make sure the numbers are in the exact right format! Don’t worry, you’ll get the hang of it after trying a few times

Here's Valgo's project about how to recreate basically any color you want.

How do I record video?

If you have a newer iPad with iOS 9 or higher, you can use the new ReplayKit! Just open a project and tap the button with a red circle (upper left corner of the screen) to record. Then, it'll save a video of your project to your Photos app.

Here's how you can create your own videos from Hopscotch if you don't have ReplayKit:

  • We plug our iPad into our computer and use Quicktime to record the video. To do it this way, to need Yosemite OS on a Mac (new operating system) and a lightning cable to connect your iPad.
  • If you don't have Yosemite on a Mac or have an older iPad that does not have a lightning cable input, there are a few other products you can use to do this (this blog offers a summary of some options). Our favorite is called Reflector, which is super easy to use.

How do I get into Featured or Rising?

Featured projects inspire, make us laugh, or feature impressive coding. They make you go “oooo! ahhhhh!”.

The Rising channel is a place for up and coming Hopscotchers to show off their work. Like Featured projects, they are fun to play, feature cool coding, and entertain us.

In both channels we try to include as many different people as possible. It would be impossible for us to see everything that’s published, though, and we know that sometimes we miss great projects. We’re always trying to improve here and would love your help :slight_smile:

See something that should be featured? Send it to us!

How do I get Halloween characters?

Here's a quick and easy way:

1.Open this project in Hopscotch and save it as draft.
2. Delete the code you don't want (but not the characters!)
3. Build something new with these spooky guys.


I forgot my password/username! How do I get logged back in?!?!

Don’t worry; we’ve all forgotten our passwords before. If there is an email attached to your account: tap “I forgot my password”[SCREENSHOT] in the log-in screen and enter your email. You’ll receive an automated reset password link (check your spam folder if you don’t see it).

If you didn’t attach an email to your account, or if you forgot the email you used, send an email to help@gethopscotch.com with your username and let us know that you need your password reset. We’ll be able to get you logged back in, but it will take a little bit longer than the automated reset.

Can I log on to another device?

You can definitely sign into your account on another iPad!

Careful though—if you have a complicated username with many emojis or special characters, it'll be harder to remember it when logging into the other device. If you created an account with an email, you can use the email in place of your username when logging in.

Also, make sure to connect to the internet and upload your drafts before logging out—otherwise you’ll lose them!!

If you've forgotten your password, please email us with the username so we can reset it and get you logged back in.

Can I add an email to my account?

Someday! This feature isn’t working quite yet but we’re on it.

Can I merge two accounts?

Sort of! Choose one account that will become the master “real account”. Publish all the projects you want to keep from other account (including drafts). Then you can branch them from your master account (download and republish). Sadly, you can’t carry over likes, plays, or followers from one account to another (yet!).

Keeping your account safe

The most important way to keep your account safe is to choose a good password. Do not use your username as your password. Choose something that only you would know and write it down in a place that only you (and your parents) can access. Do not share it publicly.

If you think that someone has accessed your account, make sure that you haven’t shared your password. You can reset it to be safe (see above). If your projects are missing, see below.


What is / is not allowed in Hopscotch?

Hopscotch is a place where anyone can program things they love. The things you publish to the community may not offend, hurt, or threaten anyone (including you!).

Here are our general community guidelines:

→ Be yourself! Be creative and try new things.

→ Cruelty is not cool in Hopscotch. We believe in making whatever you want, but only if it doesn't harm others.

→ Be nice to everyone! Be helpful and share your skills.

→ Keep your private deets private! Don’t share your full name, phone number, email, school name, or address. And don’t ask for this private info either :stuck_out_tongue: !

→ Spread the love! Remix stuff you like and give credit when you’re inspired by someone else.

Bad words, inappropriate content (including dating, personal information, threats to yourself or anyone else, and bullying) are not allowed in Hopscotch. Duh. Projects that include this kind of garbage content will be removed and your account can be suspended for publishing it.

I saw something in appropriate! What do I do?

Get it out of there! You can help us remove inappropriate projects by reporting them. You can also send us an email at help@gethopscotch.com with “Inappropriate content” in the subject. Here’s how to report a project(from a project playing in the community):

How do we monitor the community?

Making sure that Hopscotch is safe is super important to us.

All projects go through a stringent filter that screens for offensive content. Additionally, a team of thoughtful human moderators reviews and removes inappropriate content from the app. We’re constantly improving this process; if you see something that should not have made it into the community, please let us know by emailing with “inappropriate content” in the subject line.

If you prefer that your kids not engage in the community, you can either 1) buy the paid educational version of the app that has a restricted invite-only community, or 2) put the iPad on Airplane Mode where users will be able to create their own projects but not see other people’s work.

The safety and privacy of our users is extremely important; you can read more in our Terms of Service here.


Why can’t I code on my iPhone?

Unfortunately, right now, the project editor is only available on iPad. You can view and play others' projects on iPhone.

BUT, deeply share your desire for an iPhone project editor, and we’ll start working on this project in 2016. If you follow us on Twitter or subscribe to our newsletter, you'll definitely hear about it. We can’t wait!

Is there Hopscotch for Android?

Not currently. But we totally agree—an Android version will be awesome! We're still focused on perfecting the core iPad app and expanding onto iPhone, so as a tiny team, we aren't able to take on Android quite yet. Thanks for your patience!

Other feature requests:

Bring them on! We love hearing what would enable you to make cooler things more easily on Hopscotch. Just as a heads up: our biggest priorities right now are building an iPhone editor and improving the web player. As part of the iPhone project, we might do some work on the editor to make it more powerful, like copy/paste, “self” variables, and more.

Things like adding images, comments, more sounds, and new characters are on our list but won’t be built for some time. Let us know what you need, though—we love to hear from you!


Why am I getting emails from you?

If you signed up for Hopscotch we’ll occasionally send you videos, projects, and ideas that we think you’d be interested in. If you want to stop getting these emails you can click “unsubscribe” at the bottom of our email.

What’s the difference between the Free app and the Edu app?

The School Edition app's programming environment is identical to the app your students currently use, but the community has a few advantages in classroom use:

  1. Teachers create a private classroom and invite students to join by giving them a "crew code". Students cannot access projects or users that are outside of their "crew"
  2. As their instructor, you can view all the projects created by your students without the noise of other users
  3. There are no in app purchases (all paid characters are unlocked!)

The app is $9.99 in the app store and if you purchase 25+, you receive a 50% discount with Apple's Volume Purchasing Program.

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