Have I been hacked?



I was simply checking the forum yesterday and all of a sudden one of my PUBLISHED PROJECTS had been changed! Also somehow remixes of people's projects have been popping up in my drafts. Have I been hacked, or is this just a glitch? Please post your ideas.


Bleepers! You HAVE been hacked! Do you have an email? Report it straight away to Hopscotch


It uses my mom's email :disappointed:


There nothing wrong! Ask your mom and hopefully she understands... what matters now is that you get you account back!


I have my account, but it is maybesortakinda being messed up. I still use it.
I already asked my mom. It didn't work. She hardly even knows what hopscotch is other than the fact that it has animals that move :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Uhh.. Okay.. That didn't work out...


Does your mom allow you to make a new account? Because this can happen:


No. But I just sent in a beta request so I might use that more.


just change your password


How can I do that if I don't even know the one my mom set?


Ask your mom to change the password. :wink:


I already did. She didn't listen but the hacker is gone.


It's good that the hacker is gone, but he might come back. There is a hacker on hopscotch, Kiwicute2015 got hacked and LotsaPizza. Just be careful with who you share your password with(better not to tell anyone).


he/she/they/it might come back


It???? Examples??

Virus? Trojan Horse? Worm?


exactly 202020202020


The second one is a glitch


no one is hacked, not on hopscotch anyways.


Well, they didn't really "code" to get in, they probably just saw it on the forum and entered it to delete their projects. :wink:


so its not hacking then is it?