Have any 3D Requests?!



Hai :3
So, I've been pretty bored recently, and I want to make something that's cool, and is quick to make. So I decided to re-take up 3D text stuff. I have a decent amount of experience, and though I've only published one of my projects, 3D Doggy!, I've made a car, part of Santa Claus (though I failed miserably), and some other things that are forever lost in my endless amount of drafts.
Now, I don't know what to make, but you guys do(might)!
So please list requests below, (not to conplicated), and I'll finish it with all deliberate speed insert sonic here

Using mass tagz that were approved


So far on my to-do list:
- Sailboat(done):heavy_check_mark:
- Bear currently working on
- Bird
- Alligator
- FEDORA CAT (:scream::scream::scream:)
- Pusheen
- Death Star (Star Wars)
- Mario
- Zebra
- Panda
- Bellieboo :cat:'s logo
- Yoshi

I'll try to get to as many as possible. If I don't do yours, it's nothing personal.


Can you make a boat? (Don't ask why)


What kind of boat?
Motorboat, sailboat, cruise ship?


Sailboat... (Taking up the extra space)


Ok, I'll get on it!
(Like this right? https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Segelboot_Bodensee_Mainau_(Foto_Hilarmont).JPG(Too lazy to save pic))


Can you do a aligator or a bird?! Or..., A BEAR!


Yea like that! (Still taking up more space :slightly_smiling:


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Ok, I made a to-do list.
Should I tag who requested it?


Pusheen! XD


3D ■■■■■ Star It's Deat.h Star, from Star Wars.


Yu can mass tag me! 20202020


Can you make a logo for my friend? Her username is Bellieboo:cat: And her favorite color is blue. BTW, your 3D stuff is really cool!


How about a zebra! I love zebras?


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Add yourself here, and copy the list if you'd like to use it! :wink:


Can you make a 3D pusheen?


De-add me from your tagging list


Sorry, I don't make logos


That's ok. Maybe you could make a 3D cat?