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I'll start off:
"Help! I'M FLOATING OFF INTO SPACE!!!" Said Chillana. Star Girl replies "I think that hopscotchers over there changed your Y position!". "I hate being programmed...", Said Chillana with a dull voice.




Why Was Chillana Angry On a Winter Day?
The X Position Was Blowing Her Farts AroundLOOOOOL


I Don't Get It


Hah! Good one!


How does Bear say terabyte? Bear-a-byte!


Dino's brain is so small, his file size is only worth 1 byte.


That joke was un-bear-ably funny.


Cupcake slept on da Change Color block.
She turned brown when she wake up


Yay! She's chocolate now! :chocolate_bar:


Wanna know why Mr.Mustache broke up with cupcake? Cupcake was a .jpeg file and Mr.Mustache was a .png file. The worst possible couple.

Oh, and also, according to hopscotch, they actually were dating! xD


Idk any jokes


First of all, I'm supposed to be off of the OMTL. Also, I have a joke:
Why did the half chicken cross the road? (guess xD)


I don't either.