Haunted house collab


Hey everyone! Myself (CurvedGuitar), OrangeScent and FOLLOW4LIKESOFFICIAL are making a new game called Haunted house escape! Story: The owners of Murcury manor recently went missing, when police arrived at the scene they never came out of the house, as well as anyone else who went inside the house. Now as your reporting job your boss is making you explore inside the house to see what happened to all of the people who went missing. It will be the story of the century, that is if you come out alive... Gameplay: You start off in a cellar and have to escape, once you are out you encounter many monsters and their brain numbing riddles, if you somehow make it past them you come to the final boss and you must defeat him in order to find out what happened to the missing people.
Progress: title screen done, story done, escape the cellar IN PROGRESS
Give us suggestions to what we should add or change to the game! Thanks, HHCollab


Here's the title screen, don't forget to check out the preview at HHCollab!


Have you ever played a game "Maniac Mansion" that came out on PC and 8 bit NES?
Your game sounds similar to this game.
For a while now I've thought about recreating Maniac Mansion on Hopscotch.

Hope this gives you ideas.
I wish you had invited me to help with this game you are making


Weren't you guys going to make this in October? Halloween ended in October but whatever.


Didn't think of it until afterwards...


Oh okay.


@OrangeScent1 and @Follow4LikesOfficial we should start working on this again what do You think?


Sure! Has the remix in the corner gone away yet?


Nope, don't think it ever will...


if you read the message (the urgent one) u'll see why I quit


Lol, I replied to that @Follow4LikesOfficial . I moved the moon to the upper right corner XD


Are you talking about this:


No... I left te collab


What? Wait why?


It'd in the drafts somewhere

I'll come back when u need music


Oh found it, sorry it didn't work out :confused:


@OrangeScent1 and @Anonymous do you want to go back to this?


@Anonymous what do ya think?


Dunno. I'm sorta offline from hopscotch, so...
I would be happy to help when I can though!


Are you taking a break or it straight up isn't working?