Haters stop hating!



There are lots of haters on hopscotch!!! If you search up I hate there's lots of haters and it makes me sad when I see these people I saw someone was called I HATE SnowGirlStudios:snowflake::zap:️ If you don't believe this take a look at this photo:

@SnowGirl_Studios must feel sad about this!
And also take a looky at this: FruityMilkshake (@Hermione I think)
ght feel sad as well that someone doesn't like her/him
Also look at these images:

I could go on and on with these images...
There should be something that automatically deletes haters because no one likes haters


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I think there's an "I hate Mackenzie" because she's mean in dork diaries.


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You can't stop them from hating @FluffyMice....

If you want, just ignore them... That's the best way to


too lazy to put gif, but whatever...

Besides, it's true that...
"Players gonna play, play, play, play, play, play...

Haters gonna hate, hate, hate, hate, hate, hate..."

-Taylor Swift.

And also. Your gonna end up hating the haters...

Yeah.. True..

Don't believe me?

It's psychology


There is a fruitymilkshake on the forum! It's @Hermione and since I just tagged you, u should see this


Here are some points:
1: A post like this is exactly what the haters want :wink:
2: If I am not mistaken Fruity Milkshake is @Hermione
3: It's best to just quietly report these people because when you respond you are noitcing them a that is a exactly what they want: to be noticed! So just ignore them :wink:


Yes o am FruityMilkshake !


Everybody hates something or has hated something or will hate something in their life.


True, @friendship2468. (;



Well, there's an "I Hate Donald Trump"
I can't blame them

I actually followed him/her. Hehe


I can agree with you there. He's gotta point. Oh and theres a "I hate Hate Accounts" one. That's good, right??


those are confusing because if you hate something you make a hate account so they made a hate account when they hate it lol


I followed a person who made a DT punching sim :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:, but you really can't blame that person though :laughing:
If some one hates you:
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