Haters dont be jealous and victims stand tall



HEY RECENTLY SOME OF THE BEST HOPSCOTCHERS HAVE KR ARE BECOMING UNACTIVE FOR EXAMPLE @OrangeScent1 and @LotsaPizza due to haters so guyz everyone who's thinking about leaving don't let the haters get u down so anyone who agrees set this as ur fo um background to support peeps who are sad cause of haters....


i know

haters are just jealous

they are just jealous because u r better than them!!


I agree r u gonna set this as ur background lol


This is true.
Or they actually do hat.e dem...


Here's an extra like!
And an XD


You all deserve a XD


Who is actually gonna set this as there back ground or profile pic


Plural probably, we can't break XDs!

You all deserve XDs!



Op. Okie XD
You all deserve XD's


now here
i never got any hater letters
i think its cause my drawings are too bad and no one will become jealous of them

they just want a rerason to leave?!!! :scream:
i hope not


Yeah but seriously who's gonna follow my background advice


Ur great lol there 2 jealous to press send


Gaters gonna gate gate gate, likers gonna like like like like.....


Haters gonna hate hate hate but some people are nice (what does Xd mean)


We have a hate account PotterStudiosHATER he made a "sign this if you hate PotterStudios" he also made a project to ban us from hopscotch.


Ignore haters stand tall


I have to make that toilet paper roll in HS XD


Lol I am to .........


Let's have a sing along to feel better!

Haters gonna hate hate HATE heartbreakers gonna break break break well I'm just gonna shake shake shake SHAKE IT OFF YA YA YA YA!

What doesn't kill you makes you stronger! Stand a little taller! Something something ya what doesn't kill you starts fire!

This is my FIGHT SONG! starting RIGHT NOW I'll be strong! I'll play my fight song

Someday I'll be big enough so you can't hit me and all your ever gonna be is mean why ya gonna be so mean

Tag me if you have more lyrics!