Haters, back off!


Well the haters gonna hate , hate hate, hate, hate, hate, and the players gonna play, play , play , play, play, play, baby I'm just gonna shake, shake, shake, shake, shake, shake, SHAKE IT OFF, SHAKE IT OFF ! Haters back of! Ignore haters! Their just jealous! :blush:


Um, does this relate to HS?? :wink:


Try to make your posts more HS related:blush:


Okay this is nice and all keep it hopscotch related!


This is hopscotch realated about the haters also welcome to the forum!


@Sugarisyummy, @smishsmash and @Paydent12, this is directed to all of the haters, bullies and everyone else on Hopscotch. It's Hopscotch related. :wink:

@BeautifulBelle, welcome to the forums! And you're right! :smile:


I'm literally going to smash my iPad if I don't get my likes back! xD
Anyways, here's a like! :heart:


Oh yeah.sorry(filling space)