Haters and Victims



I have been noticing a lot of hate accounts lately. Earlier I saw a hate account for VCM and just yesterday, I saw one especially made for CatsAndAnime, which you may know. Except after me and my friends ended up hacking the hater. And after he was like, What did you do to my account?! So I said Just made it a little nicer... XD but getting to the point there are a lot of hate accounts. If you've ever had one, Why waste your time making someone feel bad? I hope the perpetrator is reading this. So, why waste your time? Hopscotch is for coding and making art and so much other stuff, but NOT for triggering flame wars and what have you. And I'm sorry, victims, if you have ever had one. I just wanted to get this out. And if you are wondering why I did secret text, I was curious what it did so i decided to try it out since I have never tried it before. Thank you guys!


If a hater account ever came about for me, I think I'd take it as a compliment (unless the account said something that really hurt my feelings). I think if someone took the time to make a hater account for you, it means you're noticed by them. I remember we2fd had her "Ooh, look, I have my first two haters" project accompanied by a drawing of a cat (I'm assuming herself) smiling. Haters only do damage if the target reacts badly.


I remember that...


If a hater ever hated me, I wouldn't say anything about it, or reply to them.