Hater- Short Film (Possible Collab? Beta Testers- 5 Needed!)



A simple preview of my new short film, Hater. I am thinking of making this a possible collaboration. But, if the collab does not work out, I will still continue it. But I will need beta testers (5 total).
Beta Form:
Give me feedback on my drawings (sample below):
Partner Form:
Any collabs?
Have you made a hopscotch movie?
Best project:
Coding level:

Sample drawing for beta tester form

I want feedback to see how you will give feedback. I want deadly honest feedback. Quantity over quality, yes, but the quality must be perfection as well. I cannot afford sloppy feedback.



May i join??? Answer plese


Why do people ask if they can join but do not ever fill out the form :stuck_out_tongue:


Soz ill fill ount on forum


1 collab ( drawing pad one )
Coding level :8
I got hacked so right now i have none
Made one movie before ( went of featured that one but unfortunatley hacker deleted :disappointed_relieved:)


Partner form
Fifi the funny flower
Sorta I've made one but I didn't like the plot so I deleted it
Random Smiley Background
6ish I don't really work hard on my coding and I get lazy but I am very committed to collabs


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Beta Form:
Username: RobotPro
Give me feedback on my drawings (sample below):
Great drawing! I like your idea on what to draw and how the shirt looks a little worn out :smile:

Here are some things I think that would help improve your amazing drawing to be even better!
-Shorter Nose
-Lighter lighting ( blue stuff )
-A Different Facial Expression
-A neater line for the bump on the neck
-A strap over shoulder for black thing

I haven't watched or read the Maze Runner however, I can tell this is an amazing drawing! Keep up the good work! :smile:

Partner Form:
Username: RobotPro
Any collars? Yes I'm in lots of collaborations
Have you made a hopscotch movie? Yes
Best project: Happy Canada day or Warp Speed with controllable UFO ( I'm judging on likes )
Coding level: 6ish

Here's why I think I should be your partner for this collaboration:

-I'm good with values,
I'm very good at understanding values. They're what most of my projects are made out of! :smile: .
It would be a big help if I were i this collaboration, because values are like messages. If you didn't have values in your story it would be a little hard to tell objects to move or for a new shape to be drawn.

-I have a big imagination
I have a gigantic imagination.
I think my big imaginations would help because it would be able to think of lots of ideas for the next part of the story.
You can't publish a book with a not very good plot! :smile:

If we're doing a collab I'd like to be in the collaboration too. :smile:


The 22s are my signature :sweat_smile:


I love beta testing, but I can only find a way to fix it 55% of the time!
Can I be a beta tester?


Form. Fill out. Form.


How many spots are left? I'm already working with you on Bloodbath, so I want to give other people a chance. If you can't find anybody, I would love to be in the collab.


Oh, whoops! :smile: .


I don't think we can continue BB :pensive:


Really?! Why!? That's no good! :frowning:
Also, what does BB stand for?


:frowning: maybe we can discuss it on the actual topic and find a way to solve this problem, it was going to be one amazing collab!


So whats the plot of the story


Glitter Kitty
Amazing drawings. You are one of my fave artists.

Done a few collabs
A couple a long time ago
Idk. My Featured project is Grid w/ Movable Bear
7/10 or 8/10? You decide


it is i, faithful beta tester


@LotsaPizza are we still doing this?