Hate account... Not again


Great he's been banned and remixed this to me:


You know what. I honestly think I know who is doing this but I won't tell... Let's just say someone is doing this for attention and the way to handle this is tell @Liza or someone. Please, handle this as mature people. There's not a lot you can do about it. I'm sorry but I'm getting tired of it...


Yikes. This is not nice. Thanks for letting us know.

The BEST thing to do if you see something like this is:

  1. Report the project by tapping the "..." button in the upper left corner while playing the project.
  2. Email me ASAP so we can follow up: help@gethopscotch.com

People act like this when they're jealous of other people's success. It's mean and lame and the best thing we can do is to not respond. Doesn't make it much easier when it's you they're targeting, though. Just remember that you're better than bulllying and lots of people support you!


Um...what if like in the forum there is a sensor for words like "stupid".


@Whalephin145, so your saying in hopscotch it would block bad words and things? Great idea but A, that wouldn't stop the bullyin g just slow it down, and B, it would be pretty easy to go around it, if you know what I mean( bullyin g, stu'pid, etc)


@Liza , I feel like it was unfair I was flagged twice. I understand why they flagged me for posting the project with the bad emoji, but then the person flagged me once more. People are posting the same exact picture I posted, and nobody is getting flagged.


I never been bullied in my life, but this is outrageous! Why is OrangeScent suddenly getting all this hate? She doesn't deserve it! I love her drawings! If that person cant say those exact words to Orangescent in the real world, that person might as well not talk. I don't like cyber bull y ing because people could hide their identity with a mobile screen, instead of talking to them in real life, which they would obviously feel bad :frowning:


Thats just rude :angry::rage:


Thats just mean and how will he kill you? That guy has no logic :rage:


You do have a point @RubyStars :slightly_smiling: It won't technically prevent bullies.


Yeah... is there anything we can do to stop them?


The world will never have world peace, sorry to break the news. But you can probably stop them on Hopscotch! You know how The Hopscotch Team can get you to be notified? Well the people that are bad can be notified a warning message that they can be banned if they do not stop. If they keep on going being jer.ks, they will need to be banned. @RubyStars


Wait can you report users? I thought you could only report projects?


No you cannot, they should add the option of doing that!


Yes, it could have all peace. Sameness, or just wipe out the population


Couldn't say it better (oops, did say it(JK))


I found a great video for @OrangeScent1 and @LotsaPizza. Take it as a real life situation, not dolls. :wink:


Niceeee those dolls though :joy::joy::joy:


I know thins topic is kinda old but I found a hate account. There are also others, including one that says "i hate donald trump" and some others