Hate account... Not again


I understand @OrangeScent1 was trying to make a shoutout for good deed, but instead, this happened.


Yeah, I saw that and stood up for her. Didn't want to draw attention towards me so I kept quiet on the forum :slightly_smiling:


Lol, yeah it's in my bio if you look.


Yeah, I saw your like :3


If you look up Ihatesgs there trying to start a rebellion against me... why? I do not know
why must ppl create hate accounts it doesn't help them in anyway


Quick question(don't have to answer if that gives too much away), what is your gender?


Male, why? .—.


Just making sure XD lol


Do you want me to republish it with he?


Yeah that would be great, be awkward everyone thinking I'm a girl :joy:


I'm gonna report that project for being mean, cause they used the shoutout template in the wrong way and they were being mean to OrangeScent.


Yes, I'll do it as well. Orangescent doesn't deserve this.


It's heartbreaking that @OrangeScent1 to be nice, and someone actually hated it. It's like a person hates good people.


Yeah, all they want is attention. That's what I think anyways, or they get away from thier own problems to make someone else's worse.


Lol I thought you were a boy and then I saw the project and was like oops... I kept on using he.... This must be awkward


I stand close by her, and I'm certainly not dum b. I could beat that guy in a spelling test. I bet he doesn't know what sequences I do, I mix kitchen things to make SCIENCE. He's the one who is dum b. That's project is to be reported by us!


Yep totally agree @friendship2468


Why am I getting so much hate recently?
First, I got that mean note.
Then, somebody accuses me of stealing their meme idea
Then I get that bad account name,
And now THIS


I feel very bad for you! I get mad like that too


I'm sorry you have to go through this.Think of this in a positive way, the only reason people say stuff like that is because you are "too" awesome and it's something they won't be able to ever get.