Has To Be Closed


I've Been Thinking Of Doing This Thing Called "Top 10 Hopscotchers" Every Week. The Reason Is Because I Only Want To Make Hopscotchers Happy. Ok. Think I Should? Well, I'm Making A Poll (But In A Separate Post), And I Hope That Makes Things Easier! :slight_smile:


Good idea! and I think people should nominate for who should get on top ten hopscotchers.


I agree with @Ihasfluffycupcakes but @Pokemon101, I believe things may get out of hand. This is a great idea to celebrate the hopscotchers who are extraordinary coders, but some people might get offended if they aren't on your voting list. Just keep that in mind!


K, @SoapyBubbles!!!!!!!


Then instead of voting, people should nominate. Case closed. Be thankful I didn't so insane. Period. Lolz :laughing::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


That's also a good idea @Ihasfluffycupcakes, but yet again, if someone doesn't get nominated, that may cause more problems! I'm not here to tell anyone what to do, but in my person opinion, I do not think this is going to be a good idea @Pokemon101. Don't let me stop you though if this is something you really want to do! You a free to make your own choices. I just don't want you to get in Trouble and for things to get too complicated. You might end up with a list with 100 people!


Don't pick like INSANLEY good hopscotchers like MagmaPOP and creations of spa noob


I nominate @ILoveSmudgey, and @Rawrbear, and @Follow4LikesOfficial!


Good thing you said that its your own choice. But I think nominating is okay, because when I tell people to nominate for shoutout of the week, nobody complains about not being nominated.


I nominate @OrangeScent1 and @SkipStudios


I nominate @PopTart0219


Well, I guess I'll participate in this :yum:
I nominate MasterMindCreations and FodoBagans


I nominate @Ihasfluffycupcakes lol


I nominate @Snoopy and @AHappyCoder and @JaszyKake


I nominate @t1_hopscotch not just because of her amazing coding abilities, but also that she (correct me if I'm wrong. I'm pretty sure t1 is a girl!) is always kind to others and thorough when answering questions. @t1_hopscotch, I can always count on you for help. Those are my reasons for her nomination.

@Pokemon101, I know I told you not to do this and you have the right to make your own decisions and I won't stop you if you do. But, if you are going to do this, I hope @t1_hopscotch is nominated.


Ok, @Ihasfluffycupcakes! I Deleted The Poll.


Thanks you so much @Stampys_fans!!!!!!!!!!


Your welcome, the fact that your only one of my favorite hopscotchers who is in one of the countries surrounding me, is just part of the awesomness you have!


She is a girl........


I don't really like the idea because if someone doesn't get in top and if people like magmapop keep getting in there some may quit