Has there ever been a famous person that continually likes your projects?



I always look at my likes and I do see @t1_hopscotch liking my new exoplanet generator. Let me tell you, I do love space


Yes I have had quite a few famous people like mine, but I can’t remember all of them exactly, and some of them have also left too

You can see what other peoples are too by going to this topic too


T1 always likes my projects


I guess t1, PinkCupcake8, DMFgames, aaaand a few more I guess. XD


t1, DMF, CatWithABrush, Candycane, EP125, sometimes Funky 63, etc


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I see T1 like my projects a lot, too!


Welcome to the forum @Earlystudios2017! I am @William04GamerA, and you can ask me for help at any time! I often get likes from @BB-Box, @t1_hopscotch and aome other people too!


Thank you all for the welcoming! I didn’t know that many people would still care about me!


Yes, I always do! :slight_smile:


Yeah, I do :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks for that :smile:


No problem! I always follow and regularly like awesome hopscotchers :smiley:


Thank youuu :innocent:


No probleeeeeem :star_struck: