Has the New Update Changed More Than We Think it Has?



Right. I personally strongly dislike the update. Let me get it out there.

Anyways, the point is, I was coding what I normally code, trail art, to try and get used to the update. I put in what I always put to code dots, to draw dots on an apple. It did weird scribbles all over the screen. Is it a bug? Or has the update changed how we code completely? I've done this code before a million times, and the code has never bugged!

Halp me! :0




Like @goatlord told be how to delete stuff but I just can't!

If I can't get this no more code from me.


You have to press it, and when it turns blue, wait for a 'delete' button to come up. :3

I'm sorry about your deletion problems, but my problem needs fixing too XD


What's your code? You most likely put a set position block inside a draw a trail instead of outside.


Okay :3

I think I did that, XD!