🔒 Has Hopscotch Responded to Your Emails Lately?


I’ve sent 2 emails to HS in the last week, and they haven’t been responded to yet.

Am I just being unpatient?

It’s just, well, the topic of the email needs to be tended to urgently.

Has this happened to you guys?


Don’t take this the wrong way…


btw it’s impatient and no this has not happened to me


mkay sorry


Hm, well, they try to reply in 2-3 business days. Aka, Monday-Friday. Also, which email did you send it to?


This has happened to me I’ve been waiting a month for a reply


this has happened to me before. it made me feel like they were ignoring me, but they replied like 2 weeks later.


They responded to mine…


All three, I think:

privacy, support, and help.


Haven’t heard of those.

I usually use help.


Yeah, I noticed that. I sent an email to Liza a couple weeks ago. She didn’t respond at all, still hasn’t responded. I eventually had to figure out the issue I had myself which took a couple of days…


They haven’t replied to me,I think.


i reported myself they didn’t answer


They have always answered my emails in a day or two. But, remember that THT´s team members might be on vacation or have reduced work times because of summer.


I got answered by them! Just be a little bit patient :slight_smile:


Once, I sent an email to THT and they did not answer within a few weeks. So, I was told to email them again, and they answered within a few days. I would say if they don’t answer in two weeks time, you can email them again! Sometimes emails get lost, and THT probably gets quite a bit of emails on a daily basis!