Has Hopscotch gone too far?



I know that begging for likes isn't good, but isn't not nice to insult someone? A project (that you'll have to find out yourself) had said to 'get a life'. That was waaaay haarsh, so how should this be dealed with? I've also seen some projects showing similar incidents, like calling the person begging for likes 'babies'.


To add on, it was Real Funky. He is so famous! But this is really mean!


Yes! If someone says "Report Funky 63," Funky will report it. Maybe it's Funky's age causing him to be grumpy and report it?...
I'm not trying to tell Funky to get a life, I just think that sometimes he posts things that may go a little far...


Seriously?! That is outright cruel. The little boy just wanted a dog! :cry:


Yes! Funky 63 doesn't have room for others!


Hey I understand both sides he wanted a dog and funky should have not been meen and begging for likes in not cool but don't say "get a life" be nice about it


Yes, I told him to not do it, it's mean


He has gone as far as being sexist. Role Model isn't something I would use to describe him pertaining character


I know, but most people follow him. I don't because he's rude


Same here! I used to be his biggest fan until he went too far and unfollowed him ( I was kinda scared to say anything back then because he comes back with vicious comments about you)


Who's your biggest fan now? (Sorry off topic)


Now every one loves magmaPOP


I think since Funky63 is from another country, they may have different meanings for words. Probably in his language it meant something not as harsh. Who knows? When I saw that I did think it was a little strange, I think he may be annoyed with all of the people begging for likes and stuff.


Hey, don't be so mean, I did what was right and I won't change it. The guy needs a life.


@Funky63, I agreed with you, but it was a little edgy. Some people may not have understood the situation, maybe you knew him? By the way, I liked your Minecraft builder! I wanna show you something I made on my Quantum9 account! This maybe could add a new visual performance to it! https://c.gethopscotch.com/p/xokxvmzrj


The little kid just wanted a dog! His mom was probably super strict, and you yell at him for that? :cry:


I was thinking why would a mom be like, oh if you get over ten likes on all your projects, you can get a dog. If my mom did that, I'd be like, "NO WAY!!!!" Anyhow, we don't know the situation behind this. Maybe the kid was begging for likes, or maybe he was dead serious. Who knows.....


True you are right 20202020


Btw, if anyone noticed, the cookie dude actually did make the achievement. If he seriously did get a dog, he'd make a project saying thank you thank you thank you, if not, it was probably a hoax...


I know I did call out Funky 63, BUT I do agree with @JonnyGamer because Funky 63 is from another country. Maybe he did do these things, BUT that is the past. Give him time, I'm sure he didn't mean it!