Has anyone played/made Scrabble on Hopscotch?


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Have you played any type of Scrabble game on Hopscotch?
I mean a proper well made game like the board game?
With a counter to keep track of players scores and random tiles that replace used tiles for the player
and different letter and word scores on a grid.
I might make a small version of this if no one else has.
Please reply with your thoughts


No one did, go ahead!


i'll wait for more replies.Someone might have made something like that,


Try searching. Cause' no one has made a proper one.


Perhaps not yet, but I'm making a Charades game!


Can you explain a bit how your Charades game will work?


Like that app. But instead of tilting the device to "Accept" or "pass" the answer, tap either the left or right side of the iPad.

Hold the iPad infront or above you, let someone, a friend or your parents, describe the word by acting it out, or describing it verbally...


Sounds really cool!
I can't wait to see it.
You can also make a counter to keep score for each player.


Exactly! The two things I want different from the real game and the "Hopscotchified" version is that the "Hopscotchified" version does not have a timer, and the Accept/Pass mechanism is modified...

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I got an idea, but it was a...



I'm working on one, but I haven't published. You're free to do it! It involves a lot of check once if blocks.


This would be awesome! I haven't seen or am making one right now


It may be hard since you'd have to put in like every word in the English language...


I have never, but I suppose you would need plenty of values!

This is a good idea!