Has anyone here used a Raspberry Pi?


so any one use the hs forum on a raspbery pi? or use a rasbery pi for basic internet stuff?


I do its weird bc i have a small screen
It works fine though on a pi 3


yeh i got a pi 3 to. it keeps randomly disconnecting from the wifi and if you scroll to fast the page will close hs forum works relay well on it tho


the wifi disconnection is bc power save mode, if you can, buy an edimax dongle for wifi
Otherwise you can google it and there arenplenty of configs you can change to make it work


I don’t have one and have never used one before, but they look awesome.

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I have a raspberry Pi 2


Isn’t that the one without built in wifi?


I have one, and I think that it is the third or second generation of Raspberry Pi’s. I use it for my own projects, and I think that I will put an amazingly cool Raspberry Pi module on my Christmas Wish List, but I can’t find the link right now. My experience with Raspberry Pi is that it is an amazing computer with lots of possibilities.


Yeh idk the pratical aplications of rasbery pi. Like do you use it as a microcontroler?



lol too much caffine lol
i am typing this on a pi lol

i also made a game console with a pi zero


we could use the practical coding topic for this too isuppose


Yeh one of the mods changed the topic


the adafruit piGRRL kit is really good
i made it you do need access to a 3d printer tho


this topic is amazing lol its one of the few subjects that arent hopscotch that are allowed


U know if u ca run audrino on a pi?


i think so, you should google it tho
I found MicroPython to be a really good programming language
easy to learn after hopscotch


Whats micropython? Is it block based puthon?


no infact i expect its regular python compiled differently or something for microconntrollers with less Flash memory like esp8266s and stuff


I started leaning puthon but i never realy found a good place to learn it from


The esp8266 is great for that
buy one here for $3.50 usd lol
the docs for it are really good, get some neopixels too its very fun with lights and stuff