Has anyone got a Hopscotch T-Shirt? :DD


Like read the title lol


I don't have a hopscotch t-shirt but I'm going to get one.




Id want one
Im sorry


I wish lol
They look so cool! :smile:


I've ordered one, mine's coming in Friday


I don't think I'll get one. They don't make any money from them, so there's no reason for me to get one because I don't really want one xD



I spent all my money :(


My mom said that I might get one. I think I will overall.


I want one...but no, I haven't.


I want but I haven't


I have, and it came a couple weeks ago. I love it! :smiley:


I want one soooooo bad too bad I don't get an allowance or anything


I might buy it, it looks cool.
@SmileyAlyssa Which one did you buy?
@Razor Which one did you buy?


I wish I had one..... :no_mouth:


I bought the Hooscotch logo, black themed


i want one however i'm going to headquarters in february so‚Äč:laughing:


My friend got one that looks SUPER similar from town, I really want to know where she got It!


What i come back 12 days later to show dis to da world :scream::scream: