Has anyone else experienced this bug?


So, I'll create a draft and work on a game or something, then I'll get off Hopscotch.
Then, I'll come back on the next day, and some code will be missing!
It's usually a pretty frustrating chunk of hard work, gone!


I think some other people experienced this bug a awhile ago. : /

Fortunately, it has never happened to me, so I can't give you any details. : (

Sorry!! ;-;


Thanks anyway! :slight_smile:
I hope it gets fixed really soon so I can work on my Annual Summer Compitition project!


Can someone tell me if they have experienced the bug?



I was working on my easter project, then I went on the forum.

Then I went back on Hopscotch and over half of my code was gone from the project.


I had a bug like this, but worst. I would work on something really hard. Next day I come to work on it, POOF. ITS GONE.