Has any body else gotten this?


Ok so I was going through the mail app when I found this the hopscotch logo is a little fuzzy and I don't see these {} but it is me


Who's it from?

It seems to be poorly edited so probably not the Hopscotch Team.


I haven't seen this. Was there context in the Email?


The Hopscotch Team i found it as the hopscotch team because I have contacted them a lot so I changed he name on my iPad for them


One word: What? :neutral_face:


I did not get is it from your teacher?


My first guess was the Hour of Code certificate, but that's different. Hmm...


That doesn't quite make sense. It was very poorly edited, as you can see the white marks, the H in the Hopscotch logo was not cropped well, and the words in black have a high resolution while the rest have poor resolution. This doesn't look like something the Hopscotch Team would do.


This is weird....maybe email THT?


Is it spam? This is strange who was it from?


It did say
"Thank you Kayro {shadow} for contacting us about all hopscotch bullies and helping stop them sorry this certificate isn't too great but that is because I had to edit it the document wouldn't load"


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Yes I have. You completed hour of code on studio.code.com congrats I have like a ton


Actually, found this online


Ok not from my teacher ok hang on one semi hear giggling in my sister's room


That's definitely not them. Was the email that they sent it to a personal email?


I have like 10 but not from THT


I feel really stupid right now


It's a badly edited Hour of Code certificate. Did you figure out who sent it?


No offense to THT in case it is from them, but...I don't think they would be so sloppy.