Harry Potter RP club! Sign-up sheet



Hi everyone,
if you want to join the Harry Potter RP Club then fill out the form below in the comment section.

  1. Will you be nice?

  2. who is your favourite Harry Potter charecter?

  3. what house are you in?

  4. make up your own charecter and give me a short description?

  5. give me an example of your RP skills?

  6. will you participate in all RP challenges?

  7. will you be comfortable working with other users in the club that you may not know?

that’s all sorry for so many questions



is anyone gonna b crookshanks for this lol


Lol ok here.
Idk lol


I would totally join this rp, I used to be an amazing rper on HS, but I forgot about a lot of hp





You’re in thank you for applying :smile:


good job you’re in :smile:


thank you for you’re reply your in :smile:


i’m not going to discriminate you because you Slytherin you’re in :smile:


Don’t worry…you’re not the only Slytherin slithering around here. @KVJ @Dolphin_coders


if you would like to join then please fill out the form


thank you all for joining this club should we also make a collab account where we can chat and rp on drafts?


Hm, what about we just make a topic on here and post.


ok i will also post things on the app as well


Is this okay? I might be a little late. Idk.


Hufflepuff for life! :+1:


Congratulations! you are in. The club is also on Hopscotch too so you can either complete the tasks on the forum or the app. also i don’t know how to tag people


U do @Emberforest and they get a notif