Harry Potter Competition! CLOSED



Yes, yes, I know you may think this is unrelated to Hopscotch, but, it has a connection somewhere along the lines.
Okay, so, I'll be asking some questions about Harry Potter and you will have some options in a project. When you finish, link the project here.
I'm accepting 8 contestants, and one wil get eliminated each round. At round 5, last to publish is eliminated. If you get the answer wrong, yes, you are eliminated.
You have to have read at least 5 of the Harry Potter books because the important information is in the first five.
I'll make an acception for you if you answer these question from your online knowledge:

• In which book does He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named return?

• Who does Harry rescue from the Chamber of Secrets?

• What does Hermione name her cat?

• Who bullied Harry all his life?

If you wanna join, confirm you've read all of the books, and if you haven't read at least 5, answer those questions.

Prizes are:
1st: Personality Quiz of your choice, twenty likes, follow, an HP background
2nd: Fifteen likes, follow, HP background
3rd: Five likes


Is there any way this can be more related to Hopscotch? Like making an HP quiz? I love Harry Potter, but you may get more participants if you keep it more related. :wink:


I made an HP quiz already, and the contest is THROUGH Hopscotch!


I wanna join
I'm halfway through the 4th book
I think he who must not be named came back in the second book as tom riddle (I think that was the name)
Harry rescues Ginny I think
Hermoine named her cat crookshanks
Dudley has bullied Harry :3


Number one is a different answer. It happens in the fourth book.


But doesn't he come back in the 2nd book but Harry kill.ed him?


1: Book 4
2: Ginny Weasley
3: Crookshanks
4: Draco Malfoy

I have read all the books :blush:
I don't really want to join... Just thought it would be fun to answer your questions and see how much I know :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

  1. Book Four
  2. Ginny Weasley
  3. Crookshanks
  4. Draco Malfoy, his aunt Petunia, His uncle Vernon, and his cousin Dudley

I have read all the books


No, in the second book he is just a memory.


I would like to join! I've read all the books and watched all the movies :wink:


The answer to 4 is actually Dudley


I was about to say that.
Because Draco hasn't bullied Harry all his life. Only when harry arrived to hogwarts. Dudley, on the other hand bullied Harry all his life.


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Yeah, the original answer was Dudley, but they got the rest right so I let them slip.


Well, I put four of them there too, because his family were all so bullies to him too. Btw, I haven't read the series for a while, but, I'm excited for the new book and movie.


True, true

But what's the new book and movie?
I've heard the elderly wand and the cursed child

(I think those are the names)


Can I join? I have read the whole series twice.
1.The 4th book: Harry Potter and the goblet of fire
2.Ginny Weasley


Here's a like! :heart:


Yeah I'm really excited for the new book and movie too! It has been like 2 years since I have read the books so I'm super excited :laughing:


I heard that was just a rumor... I could be wrong...