Harry Potter Club!



Hi guys!
You might know I LOVE Harry Potter! And I know lots of other people do too, so I thought we should make a Harry Potter club! Once a couple people want to join we can make Harry Potter projects and other stuff like that on Hopscotch. So if you love Harry Potter and want to join please reply!

Members(I can add more)


@friendship2468 you may want to see this :yum:


Seriously dude I already MADE a Harry Potter Fanclub but since that's old sure I'll be the first to join.
Omg I'm freaking out stay calm stay calm....I LOVE HARRY POTTAH HARRY POTTAH POTTERHEADS YPUNITE


I love Harry Potter more than you.




@friendship2468 we all know you love Harry Potter like x100. :smile:


Okay I love Harry Potter. Done. I have applied. (I have read the series twice)


May I please join? You don't know how big of a Harry Potter geek I am!!!!!!! I can't even describe it!!!!! :wink:


I have read the series to many times to count, I'm a huge fan!


Harry Potter is life. I might just be a bigger Harry Potter fan than @friendship2468.....


I just finished the whole series and I watched all the movies. My sister got me Harry Potter glasses!


Haha, Very funny. Don't lie and don't joke about that.


I got a interactive wand for universal

No seriously I might be


NOOO YOU CANT BE SIRIOUS! Heheh get it. Harry Potter glasses are pretty cool though! Sorry GBOT


I read the whole series and I watched all the movies in 3rd grade. Then sometimes I draw a lightning shaped scar on my head cause I can


I have one on my head right now actually


Cool, have you ever been to Harry Potter land?


Ha ha! I get it, though it should be Sirius, not Sirious...


I've been to Harry Potter studios, so awesome...


No it's too expensive my family won't let me.