Harley Quinn I guess


Ok! So I guess a pic of me won't work....so I'll stick with the one I have now! Harley Quinn! One of my favorite super villains of all time!!! :blush::blush::blush:


Lol good choice!!!!!


Deadpool is my second favorite! :wink:


Lol I want to see that movie!!!!!! So badly and the good thing is it's pretty new..
I guess I will have to find it online
I know that's bad lolz!


Same it's rated R but...hey I'm a rebel!


Welcom to the forum, @S.O.S_Art!


Lol heh I'm up for anything even the scariest movie ..lolz
maybe nit the scariest movie lol


Yep I will say the same thing
Welcome to the forum!!!!


Nice choice! But post this in my "Profile Pic Suggestions!" Topic :wink:


I thought this said "Hi Quinn I guess"

I was like "HAIII your New do you know my name​:stuck_out_tongue:"

But welcome to the fourm!