HappyPerson's Super Amazing Topic! Pokémoners welcome!



Hello, world!!!

Welcome to the most amazing topic in Hopscotch forum history!

This topic is for all the people on the forum to enjoy. Friendliness, cheer, and humor is warmly welcome. Talk about your day and spread optimism like a flu virus (at least it's a good virus)!

Welcome all friends!


Hello... is anyone on?
I guess everybody is preoccupied with school.
I feel you guys.
Come back soon, okay?
It's a little lonely without any friends to talk to.
I guess I'll wait.
Until other people can come chat.
whistles silently
I wonder what's for lunch today.
I wonder where everyone is.
Little Voice in Head: We've already established the fact that they're in class, dumbo.
Oh, yeah, sorry :neutral_face:
What to do now?
Sit and wait, I guess.
On the cold, hard, carpeted floor of the hallways.
This is a lot to write for one post but I guess I'm wasting time waiting for someone to show up and talk to.
Can anyone direct me to the Loneliness Corner, please?
Little Voice in Head: No one's here!
I hate waiting.
I'm a very impatient person, you know.
Waiting is not my speciality.
How's your day been?
Little Voice in Head: smacks hand against forehead and sighs Good Lord....
I wonder if someone will magically appear if I wish hard enough.
Where is everyone?
It's the middle of the night in Australia, you know!
Which means someone is asleep.
Which means one of those someone could be on the forum!
I wish @FoodDelivery were on.
He's a fun friend! :blush:
I guess I'll wait.
For another five million hours.
Does anyone play Pokémon Duel?
It's a new app.
My username is Colin because my brother suggested the app.
We have some good Pokémon.
We have a rare Pikachu.
We used to have an EX but he disappeared.
Floatzel and Skarmory are super good.
Floatzel's a UC (uncommon) and Skarmory is an R (rare).
If you like Pokémon, please tell me.
When you're on!!!
I'm really bored.
I don't think anyone is gonna read all this.
If you do, then :clap:.
I applaud your effort to make me a happier person.
I'm done.
Little Voice in Head: Finally!
Shut it!


Uhhh I have no idea what u just said but I'm on....


Thank goodness! You know I was getting really worried that no one would come on! Are you new? Did you read my post?


New? To the forum or your general?


My mom loves foxes, by the way!


To me! I've never seen you before! I've been here for almost a year!
Hey, that rhymed! I'm a poet and I didn't even know it! That rhymed too!
(This happens a lot. I'm not going crazy.)
Wanna be friends?


Yeah sure.
I've been here for quite a while, I'm guessing you were off for a while?


How do you know???
Maybe cause you didn't see my insane ecstasy being spread like wild fire.


By the way, @Mr.rex



Oh, you like foxes too?


YAAAASSSS I love them!!!


ugh I'm usually not this late replying to stuff...... Cool.... One sec..... pulls card out of pocket

choir sings the item jingle from Zelda


Heh, that's cool! I'll check it out later!
No prob for the late response.


You wanna know a secret?
It's big!!!
I have super powers. And this is for real!! I'm not kidding! I seriously do!


Well, I run really fast, and sometimes I feel like I might be able to communicate with animals, idk :T


If I run really fast, then the super powers kick in. Just press the blurry text and you can see it.

By the way, when the things kick in then I will be in BIG TROUBLE.


Maybe in the next Pokemon game you will be able to fuse certain Pokemon.....
Just a cool idea...


That is an amazing idea! Pokémon Duel, the next update.


Thank you @lollypopcorn