@HappyPerson's Q+A!



Hello guys!!!

So my general topic is going pretty slow (which I kinda expected), so I wanted to make something were people could learn more about me!


  1. Do not mention anything inappropriate or off topic!
  2. This is a Q+A to know me, if someone else wants people to ask them questions, they can create their own topic.
  3. Do not get off topic, PLEASE!!! This is not a topic to chat about other things.
  4. And this is not for people to discuss other topics because that is kinda rude toward me!

Thanks for understanding!


How did you find HS?




Hi, whats your favourite Hopscotch project?
If you were me on Hopscotch what would you do first?


i ran out of likes


Hi! It's cool that you did an AMA! :smile:

Any cool projects you're working on? :smile:


A bunch of my friends played it and I loved it! The forum, I got a notification on Hopscotch!


Not really…:confused: I'm outta ideas!


@SmileyAlyssa 's quotes. They're are super inspiring!

If I were you on Hopscotch, I would create a game where you are a pizza deliverer and you are getting pizza to a house and you are dodging cars that are going in the wrong direction!


super cool! Thanks for answering. (im still out of likes) :joy:


I just got on! Oops, gotta go, @everyone ! Breakfast! See ya later! Keep up with the questions guys!