HappyPerson's General Topic!




I wanted to create (ahem…another) general topic! This is just where you can learn more about me! I love being asked questions (but not interrogation, I haven't done ANYTHING) XD!

By the way, I will be leaving links to coding websites and Hopscotch projects (um…if someone could help me)! I'm also gonna share artwork!



P.S. A lot of people have been wondering when my birthday is, so you guys have to guess. Hint: It's in December! Here's a poll!

  • December 1-10
  • December 11-20
  • December 21-Christmas!
  • December 26-30
  • New Year's Eve!


Choose up to 5 options

Votes are public.


Mah b-day is in December too!


By the way, guys, tell me the exact date!


So cool! I love it! Cooool!


@KVJ you have to pick one!
@smishsmash @Dude73 @CatWithABrush @TheGreenBanana
Which date for the votes?
You too @KVJ


I think your birthday is... 10 December?

lel I'm sure I guessed bad XP


Nope! Sorry @CatWithABrush you can guess again!

Unlimited guesses @everyone !!!


Ummm... The 7th? I don't know. XD


Nope, much later, @Dude73 and @CatWithABrush!


Umm... What about the 23rd? :smile:


Ohmigosh, you are getting closer! My cousin is Christmas Eve! Her name is Noelle


Oh cool! I babysit a girl named Noelle, and her little sister and brother. :smile:

What about the 18th?


Lateeeeeeeerrrrrrrr. My cousin is 15!!!


The 30th?
I'm just randomly guessing now. XD


You are like literally on top of it! That's not it but you are so close!


So either the 31st or the 29th? :smile:


@Dude73 you go it right! It's the 31st! New Years Eve is my birthday!

@everyone give a round of applause to @Dude73 ! Yah



Confuzzled sorry


Yeah, four hours before the next year


I think yours is on???....December 27th??!