HappyPerson's General Topic + How to Handle Problems!



Hi guys!

I wanted to make a topic where people can ask me questions and I could share how to solve problems! I am not answering things like, "What is your name?" or "How old are you?" or "Where do you go to school?"

I'll respond to "What is your favorite color?" or "Do you have a pet?"

I hope you guys enjoy!
Have a happy day!


When did you start Hopscotch?


I started in Spetember of 2015!
Oh my gosh, it's my first year anniversary!



It's my 1st year Hopscotch anniversary!!
So happy!

Since September 2015


Hopscotch is life!


I was one year old in September! What's your favorite top featured game?


I love them all! Honestly I can't choose



You spam liked me a lot!


I made my own gif by the way! Do you like it? @everyone


Kewl!!! :thumbsup:

Also @everyone tags no one lol


It looks like my profile picture but without the color! Color did not work! @everyone


It does :flushed:
I didn't know that!


Yeah! Your topics are cool! :smile::+1:


Thanks so much!

By the way, @everyone I didn't create this website. And I found it.

The therapy I don't know about…you probably shouldn't test it :confused:


Hope you like it!


@FoodDelivery created this, I'm pretty sure!

It's cool! Check it out!



hey thanks, it was my first food art!


Hey I love your profile picture! It's super wacky! Also, how did you pick your username? Check out my topic called "Username Explanations"! You can find it easily and if not just search it!


I was sitting down in my bedroom. Then the doorbell rang. Dinner was served. The pizzaman was holding my cheese and ham pizza. My parents opened the door.. "Food delivery!" He said.
Now at this point I was on Hopscotch to see how many likes I recieved on my "TAP THE CACTUS FAST" project.
"Food delivery?" I muttered to myself. "Food Delivery?!... Sounds like a good Hopscotch name"...


That's really cool! I like the backstory.




I'm lonely :slight_frown: