@HappyPerson's and @braybraylovesmonkeys's Topic!




Okay, Brady. Let's talk.
By the way, please don't spam me.


@braybraylovesmonkeys Hello? I know you're her


Hey! It's SG!!!!!!!!!!!


Hi it's Braybray!!


Hey SG! What's up you guys rock


At first I was like who's Sg
It's Sarah Grace


Lol me too. Well, I mean, when I saw her first post. Anyways, r u still @ dissmissal, or at ur house, or in ur car, or..


I'm in front of the language building. With a million mosquitos swarming around


Lol girl, summer's coming! Yeah, the no-see-ums are the Worst.


Yeah summer!! What's a no-see-um We have exams tho
BTW, still in love with Baker? XD


Sigh. Yes,
Anyways, how's UR love life going?


Hey do u want to come dee Jungle Book



I dumped him

Who run the world? GIRLS!

BTW sry for the late post. I was updating my bio


Sorry to interrupt but I think discussing your ...

Isn't really suitable for this forum...
You seem to know each other in real life, maybe send emails or text each other instead??
That is, if you know each other in real life.. :slight_smile:



I hope so! I want to go


We do. I was just joking around, so maybe both of us could GBOT


That's a great idea, out of curiosity what's this topic for??


Just things like chatting, collaborations, keeping up with each other, and recommending projects on HS!


That sounds good, and also still linked with hopscotch. :smile:


@PumpkinGirl we go to the same school