HappyPerson Shoutout Topic!



Hey guys!

So there are sooooooo many people on the forum that I need to thank. So on this topic I will give people shoutouts!

SOME RULES ON THIS TOPIC (and kinda to live by)

  1. Don't be rude or jealous! I will give EVERYONE a chance to be a shoutout! At least I'll try!

  2. Don't ask for shoutouts and don't spam like me just to get a shoutout. Some people will spam like me even if they don't want a shoutout (or if they don't care if they get one or not!) Someone told me they spammed me 'cause they liked my posts and topics!

  3. It doesn't matter if you're a beginner or have been here for a year! Like, I may not have given a super famous forumer a shoutout, but I might give someone who just joined. (You know how when you just joined the forum and you didn't know what to expect and a bunch of people helped you? Everyone is like that!)

  4. Please don't brag if you get a shoutout! It's not nice to someone who hasn't gotten a shoutout yet!

  5. The people I shoutout are for a reason! I'm not going to shoutout a mod just so they can tag, like, and respond to me! And I'm not giving to give a shoutout to someone just because they are awesome!

  6. I will sometimes choose a random person as a shoutout! If I ever choose someone twice (which I probably won't) then tell me! If it's you, don't hide it! It's the right thing to do!

  7. Rarely, I will pick someone more than once. I will tell you in my post whether or not I chose them twice on purpose!

That's all for now! Byeeeee!


My first shoutout goes to @Doodliedoo because they were the first person to respond, like, and help me feel welcome on the forum. There were a lot of people who did the same, but he/she was the very first!




My next shoutout goes to @Catface4 because she helped me find out what "communication out of the forum" means! He/she is really helpful and is a super nice friend! Thanks for the help!


Thanks :slight_smile:

I'm a she XD


I like this topic idea!!


Thank you so much!

Next shoutout to @CodePerfect for liking my topic and @IKeudin because they liked my other topic!


@FoodDelivery because he is my coding partner.


Thanks for the shoutout! Im planning to start collaborating tomorrow


Shoutout to @Red_October because he is my friend


Thanks it's my first day


I know! He's from my school and I kinda forced him LOL


Aw, thanks so much :)

sowwy is this a dead topic?


No. I guess not. Maybe. Hi.