Happy Thanksgiving! What are you guys doing to celebrate?



Hi! It's Thanksgiving! (Looks outside window and smells food) I'm mainly excited for the food, and the festive lights! (Is it Christmas already) I heard here they don't serve mashed potatoes ;-; at my place, but I'll take what I can get to eat. What are you guys doing for Thanksgiving?

To make this Hopscotch related, I challenge you to draw something you are thankful for! ("@WhiteFeathers, that is the worst idea I've heard..." I know right?XD) Or, if you are a coder, code something related to Thanksgiving :grinning:.


doesnt celebrate thanksgiving
hi how are ya


I'm going over to both of my aunts on both sides of my family and eating food, then at 9:45-ish I'm going to go see Fantastic Beasts (and Where to Find Them)!
Hope you have a happy Thanksgiving!


I'll do Everything there's got to do for thanksgiving


OMG ME TOO! Im rally sad because of dat ;-;


I'm going to my grandmother's house at 3, then getting a new phone



Am I the only one who doesn't like mashed potatoes?


My grandparents are visiting us today for Thanksgiving, and we bought a huge Thanksgiving meal from Boston Market!


I'm getting the wishbone LOOOALLALSJDBENSBD


No :0


for thanksgiving this year my family's pulling the usual child labor and mountains of leftovers;;
not as bad as last year though


Thankful for food, family, shelter and friendship :grinning::smiley::smile:


You are not the only one lol


Aw, that's nice! (Super weird face pose)

(Reads the other last half of the text and goes nuts) WAT


I just stare and stare and stare at @Serenity