Happy thanksgiving everyone!

  • The pie!
  • The turkey
  • The gravy
  • The bread
  • The jam
  • Mashed potatoes
  • Other


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Is anyone watching the parade??


Yay! I'm so happy it's Thanksgiving! I'm thankful for Hopscotch. THT, The Hopscotch Forum, My family, My friends, My school, My teacher, and everything else!


Happy thanksgiving! I am watching it!


I would, but I'm sick and I can't get out of bed :frowning:


YES THE ROCKETS ARE AMAZING!!!!! What's ur favorite part so far?


Feels better fren pi


I'm watching Macy's and McDonald's


OMG love sick oh yeaa


Happy Thanksgiving! I'm grateful that I joined the forum yesterday so I can share my holiday joy with you guys.
(Wow. That's was cheesy.)


Hello there, and welcome to the forum!

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🇲🇽 PiX's tOpIC 2! dOnATe NaPKinS tO oThERs ThAT NeEd iT ᕕ(.O•)ᕗ why is life so boring there's literally nothing to do someone pls halp I'm bored ehhhhhhhhhh ._. Vote napkin 4 pres 2018 pls k thicks ᕕ(ᐛPray4Carlツ)ᕗ 🇲🇽 CLOSED haha i remember thiisss

Um why did you copy my introduction?

You're rude.


Sorry but I do not lik turkey


Don't say I'm rude.. I'm a regular now f.y.i


Thanks! I hope if I take a nap or something I'll be better in time for dinner.



you copied my welcome introduction.

Of course, I'm mad.


Happy thanksgiving! We don´t celebrate thanksgiving much in Sweden, but I am thankful for this awesome community, THT, my family and my friends, and people that knows me.
I´m also very thankful to the people that sended my hoverboard to me fast after I ordered it :slight_smile:


And I can if I have to everybody can use it



I don't allow people to use things and copy what I created.


You aware you are talking to me in this way isn't the best way to handle it..