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What is Thanksgiving all about?

Happy Thanksgiving! So a lot of people think Thanksgiving is all about food. But what is it really about?

It all started in England many years ago (about 400) when there were a group of Godly men, women, and children who saught freedom from the church of England. They wanted to worship God freely. So they sailed to Holland. However, their lifestyle was not very good. Many felt their children would take on the lifestyle so the set out on the Mayflower to "The New World" or America.

After many days on the ship, they found land! It was 1620. But now it was winter and they had to build houses. It was a very rough winter. So many died from illness. Then spring came and they could plant crops. The Indians (or Native Americans) taught them how to plant corn. They became friends with the Indians.

Then when autumn came, they decided to have a feast because the were thankful to God for all His Blessings and that they survived! They had over 100 Indians at the feast and it lasted 3 days! So Thanksgiving is sort of about food but it's also about thanking God! Just imagine where you would be now if it wasn't for the Pilgrims!

Everything I wrote is what I remember from 1st through 6th grade! It's also why I love being homeschooled because most public schools don't teach this stuff.


Well, they wanted to worship whatever religions they wanted to freely.


No, they wanted to worship God freely. They didn't have other religions.


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This is a really great and thorough description!


It started in America when the English ca,e and met the native Americans


Well, that's what I learned in school.


Well they came to America from England


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