Happy St. Patrick's day!

Happy St. Patrick's day! It's St. Patrick's day for me, at least.
If you don't celebrate St. Patrick's day (I don't know exactly how that works), then you can ignore this topic, or you can still participate if you want!

Current activities:

  • I want to see how many people we can get to add green to their PFPs today.


  • Be nice

  • Be appropriate

  • No pinching people with green in their PFPs


Yay, st patty day
I changed my pfp last night for today
EDIT: how do you pinch a pfp

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Happy St Patrick's day!
No pinch

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pinch pinch pinch that's how.
Sorry for demonstrating on you.



the profile pic has been green-ified

im not wearing green


Okay! So, uhhhhhhh..... Any ideas for activities??

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pinch pinch pinch pinch pinch pinch pinch pinch pinch

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I is wearing little green hat​:four_leaf_clover::shamrock:️:tophat:

Not IRL, tho;), on da internet.

I'm just wearing a black shirt with blue and green stripes.

Is mine considered green?

No that's turquoise
pinch pinch


There's green blended in it HAPPY SAINT PATTY EVERYONE YAAAA

Ok. I'll remove all green from my profile picture.


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Actually if your pfp looks green it's reflecting every color except green therefore it's not green at all O.o

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THIS HOLIDAY IS A LIE AHHHH ......Rip my childhood.....

DOne. Lloyd now has no shirt. Or face, because I wasn't very exact.

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