Happy Playlist!


Continuing the discussion from Depression...:pensive::fearful::

Da list:

If you're happy wag your tail by parry gripp
Cat licking a hamster by parry Gripp
Omg hello suggested by @Huggingfluffybear

Basically list your fave anti depressing songs.
This is HS related cuz I see people quitting cuz of real life things and these are anti depressing!


Why not happy songs?

They will make us feel better like this one!


That sign will make you happy and cheer you up when someone leaves!


Yay now it's happy songs!!!


Here's another happy song!


Another happy song!


Well I dance to this all the time:


Another happy song!


Remember that day when this came out...



It's cool!


I love that song, but it has some not so appropriate lyrics. :slight_smile:


I remember that's when I didn't play hopscotch


Whoops XD I deleted it


The happiest song ever!


Newer sound effect


Can I change the title to "Happy Playlist" so it spreads positivity?


Also can u make my first post editable?


What do you say levitating fox?


I can't do that, but I will make an editable post! No deleting, appropriate only!


Post the playlist songs here, guys!