Happy New Year!



I just wanted to say that this year has been AWESOME.
Just to further how awesome it was, if someone were to ask me what was my favorite year of my entire life, 2015 would be right off the top of my head :yum:
I've improved a LOT over the course of this year (if you were to scroll down all the way to my first projects, you'd probably unfollow me :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:)
And many of you have improved so much too!
Hope you guys keep on doing great coding and artistry, and I'll see you next year! :wink:


Happy New Year to you too. :stuck_out_tongue: I haven't changed much over this year but I have made some new friends here. Next year I am hoping that I can start using my Art account. Here is my only good human.


Yeah true I improved a lot as well.
I don't know how but this was my most grearest year ever there was nothing bad and yeah...
If I go back to last year I feel like WHAT WAS I DOING LAST YEAR!
And I feel good because all of you guise supported each other!
@OrangeScent1 This is off topic but thanks for liking my project and following me this just made my day better :wink:


2015 is definitely the favorite year of my life, even more than 2008 was. I improved a lot in Hopscotch and it's hard to say goodbye to this year.

Question: Should I change my name to Kiwicute2016 for next year?

  • Yes!
  • No!



Goodbye, 2015! :frowning:
Hello, 2016! :slightly_smiling:

Once it turns to 2016, then that means I've been hopscotching for one year! And I started hopscotch when 2015 began, and look how much hopscotch updated and grown!


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Happy New Year to all of the Hopscotch comunity! From A Happy Coder :grinning:


Happy New Year! I know that everyone will improve this year and make the community a better place!

  • YeaH! I will improve!:grinning:
  • No I'll never get better at coding:disappointed: