Happy New Year! Projects of all time


I decided to make this post so you guys can wish every her and him a happy new year! Celebrate the best projects, you know! Vent, whatever you want!


Happy New Years! Cats cats cats


My surgery is done. Ask me anything now.


@friendship2468 so what exactly happened to your eye? Did it get infected?


Apparently it was chalaza


@DancingLollipop oh, I don't know what chalaza is... :sweat_smile:, and i think google is just going to scare me... :cold_sweat:


-says in siri voice- This is what I found for Chalaza

(in a bird's egg) each of two twisted membranous strips joining the yolk to the ends of the shell


@SnowGirl_Studios what... :cold_sweat:


idk I looked up "What is chalaza" and that definition came up @AvocadoDont


@SnowGirl_Studios oh ok, weird :confused:




@SnowGirl_Studios I can't like rn so :heart::heart:


Oh I think I said it wrong. It was chalazion


Chalazion is one. Chalazia is more than one. @SnowGirl_Studios and @AvocadoDont read what I just said


Ugh that's what I tried to type at first but then autocorrect came


@friendship2468 okay