Happy New Year 2019 Competition Finished



Yours was really creative, if I had done catorgorys like I did for my other Competition you would have won Best Idea


I don’t get how to tell… the points and the numbers and it’s all confusing…


No, you got 2nd. As you Points where very high.


Look at the “people who joined” drop down and see your number


Oh ok i think i get it.


You got third. It was fun to play. You nearly won but you used emojis which made your score drop.


Oh yay! About 3 days of coding and I got 3rd place! (Congrats guys!!)


I don’t understand the emojis thing. Who said you couldn’t use emojis? They were a main part of my game, I don’t see why that’s a bad thing.


Well Done Everyone! You all did amazing! I hope next time more people enter so there can be Categories!


EST is the time it currently is on the east coast: Virginia, New Jersey, New York, Florida, etc.


It’s just a way of how I judged. I wanted it to be about how the player feels. It was an amazing idea how you put emojis into the game and how you used coding to make you want to join the emojis in the game. However, you could of made it into like a Trail Art Emoji. I thought yours was really good though.

I just wanted to judge it in that way, I don’t want to hurt your feelings but I thought it was a good way of how to judge. Also, a lot of other people use how emojis can bring your score down a notch. You still did really well though!



Ummm…am I in second or third?


I still don’t see why emojis are a bad thing but ok. (Also i couldn’t code something like that in three days)


You are number three, just look at the total score


I think UnicornRainbow thinks they look sorta unprofessional…


Oh. I wasn’t going for professional or anything but ok. Imma go code something (lol i have no idea what tho)


That’s what I thought.


You are 4th. But you did really well. I really liked the use of colours. I think you should of won a Catorgory. But not enough people joined so it made you bottom. I’m really angry you got last though as your one was really good!


Thank you! I knew I wouldn’t get first or second.


This is confusing…everyone is telling me different things…