Happy New Year 2019 Competition Finished



Great project! I’m totally losing.

I’m too lazy to code anything good…


This took me a couple of minutes but I guess it’s something


Today is Judging Day As Well As The Closing Date! If you have already entered Well Done! If you haven’t but you want to you need to start hurrying up!


i entered already (what time will the results be posted?)


In about 20 minutes. We are just about to judge :grinning:


Results Will Be Out At 3 PM. 2019-01-06T00:00:00Z2019-01-06T15:00:00Z


wait what time zone? london? (if so, that’s 5 hours ahead of me, sooooo at 8:00 then)


you’re 3 minutes late (lol i’m so impatient it’s fine)


Just saying, I never decided I wanted to be in it, and then I opted out when there was like two days left because I need weeks to code, so…


oh oof i’m terrible at math nvm lol


Yes, it is London Time Zone


Come Join Me On The Drawing On Paper Compared To… I have lots of Art Requests for you to Request.


oh ok then i’ll be right there


yeah for some reason my brain thought time went to 10:00 then afternoon occurred


If you tap on the dates, you can see what time it would be in your time zone. Just saying :wink:


Yeah but I was half asleep at the time (also I’m British so I know the time difference)


Oof, 7pm my time


It’s 10 am my time (you must be far away…)


USA btw (that rhymed)


Oh…I just realized that when I moved to (wherever I am) from (wherever I came from) my iPad didn’t know that I moved from (wherever I came from) and it just shows me the time from (wherever I came from)…:confused: so, I don’t know when the results will be out…