Happy New Year 2019 Competition Finished



No Joke, but isn’t Scario a town in Italy? LOL :joy:
(What does it mean) TY

UnicornRainbow xxx

  1. You don’t have to put your username, people already know it’s you;)
  2. It’s a Tv thing. About 2019 and a prophecy


Oh okay, Ty. LOL :joy:

UnicornRainbow xxx


Sure, I’ll draw something funny.


That’s Great! Have you got the link? If you do please comment it here! It will just make it easy for me to find it! Ty

UnicornRainbow xxx


Thank u so much for the compliment. It makes me really :blush:


Not Long until we judge the competition so get involved!!! :heartpulse:

UnicornRainbow xxx


Who is ready for the party?


The Countdown Is On! Who is ready to submit the game they made? Here is an example:


What is the prize if you win?


You will get a follow and a lot of likes. Also, next year you will judge.


Okay, then I will join!


Brilliant, make sure you get it into us before the deadline!


Make Sure to copy the link to your project here. Don’t worry, even if you enter I will like 15 Of your projects. :slightly_smiling_face: Good Luck Everyone!


So I’m not allowed to be a judge since I didn’t get featured?
I’m not going to bother with typing a popularity (or featured) isn’t important in my opinion paragraph.


I know it’s not important but it just shows you can code. If you said that you could Code and gave me a link to your page and I thought you where amazing but you had not yet had a feature, the feature would not be important to me. It just shows you are not a remixer or ROLEPLAY person on Hopscotch.


Makes sense. : )

I did start out as a remixer…but I haven’t coded and actually published something in a year. Because the editor got laggy.



I am extending the closing date to 2018-12-28T00:00:00Z2019-01-06T12:00:00Z

Get your projects in!!!


Okay, great! I don’t have any big project planned, but I could still enter this just because I can. My New Year project will most likely be published around 2018-12-31T14:30:00Z.


Okay, brilliant. I will go see it when it’s done. Make sure you enter the link here :grinning: