Happy New Year 2019 Competition Finished



Hey There Hopscotchers,

It’s now time for a new competition run by UnicornRainbow! It’s called ‘Happy New Year 2019’ :heavy_heart_exclamation:


Here is how you enter:

Post Here On this Topic the link to the game you made. It HAS to involve what you are doing or how you celebrate New Year. You could… Do a game on Make Your Own Adventure 2019. Or. A game on Throw a New Years Party.

Make it fun and exciting. Don’t copy any of other peoples ideas unless you give credit. HAVE FUN!

The Judges Are: @CoderOfMagic @Hopscotcher @FearlessPhoenix @UnicornRainbow

I will announce the winner on The 6th Of January 2019 so get creating and Good Luck! :purple_heart: @omtl

UnicornRainbow xxx

UnicornRainbow™’s General Topic 🎉

I have gotten one feature, and I would like if I can join you!


Brilliant, I love what you do. I will go follow you on the app. I am going to make a topic for just the judges :heavy_heart_exclamation:

UnicornRainbow xx


Cool! I might join this challenge if I have time.


Okay, just when you are done, please place the link to it on this topic.

UnicornRainbow xxx


I might code a game, but if I don’t, I would like to be a judge. Thing is, my account has gotten featured (with Run! v4.0), except I never got featured. The featured from my account is one of my brother’s about-5 features.
But some coders have feature-worthy projects and don’t get noticed. I don’t really think featured matters as to how good a coder you are.


Okay, I will put you down as being in the Competition but said you want you can be a judge.

UnicornRainbow xx


I’d make something but I prob won’t have time.

I can judge tho


I’ve gotten a feature. I could judge!


Okay, I will put you down as a Judge but if you change your mind that’s okay too.

UnicornRainbow xxx


Okay, you can be a judge. Please go to the Happy New Year 2019 JUDGING [OFFICIAL] so we can discuss.

UnicornRainbow xxx


Cool challenge! I unfortunately just do not have the time to join, but I 100% support!


Thank You. Maybe you could join if I do this again next year! :heartpulse:

UnicornRainbow xxx


Are you the one who keeps liking my projects? I am BabyButterfly​:butterfly::butterfly: on Hopscotch. If so, then thank you soooooo much CoderOfMagic. If your not, then I feel embarrassed.


We Have Had NO people yet Confirm They Are Joining in this competition. Please make sure you join in as even if you join in I will like 20 Of your projects. The Winner Will Get a Prize Which Will be a surprise! :grinning:

UnicornRainbow xxx


Yeah that’s me!
No problem I really like them!


Sorry, but I’m not sure I have time to make a project, and I’m totally not ready for Christmas, and I get to petsit guinea pigs, and I wouldn’t have time to code with all that…
And I don’t think I’d be allowed to judge…even though I’d have more time for that…also, why don’t you tag omtl to get some joiners?


Yes 2019 very scario


Thanks and I just added the tag. Hope it works!

UnicornRainbow xxx


scario to the Maximo