Happy National Puppy Day! Make Puppy Projects!


Happy national puppy day! Cuddle with a puppy, make puppy pixel art! I was thinking that @amazingalphaaquawolf or whoever makes those cute text art can make a puppy one!


Hi! A Happy National Puppy Day to you!


Edited the title, didn't seem Hopscotch-related at first.

Happy puppy day to you!


I would, but I have no time. Is it national puppy day or national dog day?

I fight for dog rights... They're the same thing as puppies but don't have rights. :wink:


It is officially called national puppy day!:dog:


I love puppy day

My Dog Emma

My Dog Pippa


Happy National Puppy Day everyone!

Here's meh pup

She's eating my food -_-


I mad a painting of a dog in art class today!


You're all probably going to think I'm crazy, but I'm actually afraid of puppies! Especially jumpy ones. They do look adorable though. Maybe I'll code one!


So cute


Wow your Awsome at painting


Thank you so much! :blush:


I'm getting a puppy in a few months! So excited!


My birthday's this weekend so I really want a dog!


Happy national puppy day form Junie!


So cute


Happy Birthday For this weekend
I really hope you get a dog :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I used to have a dog that looks like the first picture,
But we had to move, so we gave them to some people.
I used to have a cat. Not the cuddly type, meowed all night. (She was a Siamese)


Oh :slight_frown: