Happy Hopscotchers!



Hi it's CP here! I made this topic so hopscotchers which feel sad or cyber bullied can come here talk it out think positive thinking and be happy! I want all hopscotchers to enjoy coding and not be upset! Is have seen all these hate accounts of famous hopscotchers such as @LotsaPizza @OrangeScent1and @XiaoMiaoMi. Please if you are a hater what's the good. But people with the hate accounts are just jealous. As @SmileyAlyssa says use haters as your motivators! Think positive in a bad situation and resolve situation. Feeling down on hopscotchers it's better to just talk it out! Please do NOT go off topic I made this topic to HELP hopscotchers on need.

PS: My goal is to be a leader in the future I look up to @PopTart0219 and @Liza!


Great topic @CrystalPanda! (I'd love to be a leader too, maybe I will in the future who knows :slightly_smiling:)


Thank you....I still don't know of anyone will find this helpful but I'm still very proud on my Say thanks to a hopscotcher topic...


It is helpful but it would be sort of good if not many people replies to this because there won't be any haters


Thanks, CP! I sorta needed this...
I think we shouldn't give the haters too much attention, like @PopTart0219 said. Lets use that experience as a stepping stone, like you said!


I need this right now someone said Jesus Christ and I said that's kinda offending to Christans and she was like WELL GOOD BECAUSE I AM NOT A CHRISTAN!


Are you? I am and yes that is offending...


I am Christan yes! Bye got to go!


Sometimes people accidentally be rude when they don't really mean to. For example a girl at my school was talking to me, and she was being rude. Later she asked to be my friend. (Kind of a bad example)


my friend circle can be rude at times, but I usually forgive them, even if I fell a little hurt. But I know they don't really mean it, because they're just playing around.


Yeah you should always try to forgive someone. :blush: